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Blonde roots

Hey. It's us - Holly & Liz.


We're copywriters and creative brand strategists living in a little seaside town in Teesside (North East England). 

In a past life, Holly was in a long-term relationship with digital marketing and UX. Liz's background is in business improvement and culture change - skills we'll use to plan your online takeover together 😉

We've seen first-hand how an effective brand strategy can transform a business - and it is *MAGICAL*.

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Businesses, we got you.

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We like to get our hands dirty and really get to know your company and the people behind it, tapping into what makes you weird and unlocking your truest, boldest brand. 


If you’re:

  • Launching a new site

  • Rebranding (or thinking about it…)

  • Not connecting with your dream customers


Have you thought about your copy and brand messaging?


Every business has its own voice and personality waiting to be unleashed across all their marketing touch points.


Some things you definitely *don’t* need to know about us…


  • We bloody LOVE dogs (Holly's dog, Hugo, is the best <3)

  • We're a Capricorn and Scorpio combo, which means we're a real dream team if you're into that stuff

  • Holly remembers all the words to ‘Mark Viduka’ by Alistair Griffin (UTB)

  • Liz once met Rodney Trotter in WHSmith #bestdayever 

  • Holly is a rap/hip-hop/punk princess, while Liz is pure retro


Do we have anything in common?

Did we just become best friends?

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