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Want to connect people, purpose & strategy with feel-good internal communication?

Join our growing community and dive in!


Refreshing Comms is a practical approach for forward-thinking employers, based on shedloads of common sense and heaps of copywriting and communication talent.


It’s the solution to wasted time, effort and missed opportunities - and helps you get your people on your side, pulling with you in the right direction.


Okay, so you’ve got an announcement to make. You’re sitting at the keyboard. Poised. Waiting for inspiration. And waiting….OR you’re too bloomin’ busy to give it much thought so you slingshot that update into inboxes across the company. As long as they get something right?  


But here’s the kicker… 


It doesn’t land the way you expected. Some employees are left feeling confused, bored - maybe even a little p*ssed off - at the announcement. You can almost hear the eye rolls. They’re not buying it. Something is missing…


That elusive ‘thing’ that ties everything and everyone together - and makes your job a heck of a lot easier in the process.   


If this sounds familiar, and the thought of sending another flat internal communication makes you want to decapitate yourself with a fibre wire, then this, my friend, THIS is for you.

Refreshing Comms

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You’re already clued up about what you say - and how - to customers and clients externally. But as an employer, you haven’t quite applied the same thought and attention to how you come across inside the workplace.

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We’ve developed a smart, time-saving leap to organising, structuring and conveying everything you want to share within your business.


Think: clarity, consistency and *purpose* in your messaging to build stronger, positive relationships with your people.

Imagine what it would feel like…


…when you finally have effective internal comms, seeing more people engaged, on board and on-brand.


Think about running a business with fewer misunderstandings and issues to deal with because you’re serving hearty helpings of employee perspective and gaining more cooperation. In fact, imagine how good that would feel for everyone - not least for busy HR.


This isn’t some hokery pokery. This is about applying a smart mix of knowing what makes people tick and putting high value content in your comms. It’s also backed with 10 years of business improvement and workplace culture know-how and experience for extra reality. 


You’re perfect for Refreshing Comms if:


  • You need your people onside to help smash your business goals

  • Your comms aren’t quite hitting the mark in the persuasion and personality departments

  • You want to nail your Employer Brand  


There’s never been a better - or more relevant - time to make words work for you, both inside and outside your organisation.    

  • Get ahead in your industry and establish a strong, consistent employer voice that promotes positivity and productivity, attracts and retains talent, and boosts your business performance


  • Remove disjointed messaging and information sharing and replace it with communication structured with clarity, purpose and meaning for that all-important relatability

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Finding the time AND skills AND money to tackle this on your own can be tricky. So if you’re looking for an accessible, affordable and practical solution to get those comms rollin’ nice and smooth - well hello!


Say hello to

Refreshing Comms

Designed to give you insightful know-how, plus tools, techniques and formulas to make a bigger impact with your messaging in the workplace. 


With options for self-learning, workshops, and coaching for individuals and small teams. 


AND you can customise your very own Internal Comms strategy with our Tools of Engagement© framework and action plan.



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You can also tap into to the *priceless* bonus of fresh and expert eyes to help you spot hidden opportunities you might be overlooking. 


Here’s why you should get to grips with your employer voice and messaging with Refreshing Comms: 


  • It gives you a ‘north star’ to follow for all your communication touchpoints with your people. Making your voice consistent and linked to real, understandable stuff = a better experience for your employees whatever their role

  • You’re not left scratching your head about what and how you should write, saving you time (and effort) that could be better spent running and growing the business

  • Your company becomes more real and *human* to your staff, building a level of credibility, trust and authority that people appreciate, and has far fewer issues knocking at the HR door…

Your life before Refreshing Comms

Banging your head against a brick wall (any wall) trying to get people’s buy-in. 


Lots of retreating into turtlenecks and frequent games of ‘pass the buck’ when you need your other very busy managers team to write effective communications.

That persistent nagging feeling there must be an easier way to get more engagement, but you’re short on capacity and inspiration for joining the dots to sort it out.

Your life after Refreshing Comms

You know exactly what your authentic Employer Voice is and you now have a ‘north star’ guide for using it confidently, easily and to full effect.


Your comms have a handy preset formula with engaging and relatable content that links directly to your people, your goals and your values in a positive virtuous circle.


You’ve raised your message not your voice by freeing your people from wishy-washy, mixed messaging - and it’s working!

Sound good?


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Join the internal comms revolution! 


This is for you if:

The move towards hybrid and remote working is making it harder for you to communicate well 

You want a strong Employer Brand to attract and keep the best talent

Your employees are spread across floors, departments, functions - even sites - and you can’t be everywhere!

Big things are happening and you need a coherent internal campaign to get your people on board

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"Holly really ‘got’ my branding and created some pretty awesome content for my most used platforms. Her concepts were fresh and she helped to give my brand the edge I was looking for. Exceeded expectations!"

- Gaming Streamer & Content Creator

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