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Copy: How to Inject Style & Make It Irresistible

Want to write copy that will rock your reader’s socks?

Here are a few tricks:

Channel your inner Roald Dahl

Or Walt Disney, or any other of your favourite storytellers.

Who doesn’t love a story? As people, we can’t get enough of hearing about other people - especially interesting and relatable ones.

It needs to tie in with your core message (with your product/service being the solution), so use rich imagery and punchy sentences to connect with your readers and keep them engaged.

Is it the tale of where the idea for your product came from? What other stories could you tell about your brand?

Weaving a story into your copy can really bring it to life. Make it a good’un!

Me, me, me = Yuck

“We are delighted to announce…” STOP! No one cares. It’s dull.

Instead of talking about how chuffed you are to launch a new product, make it all about your reader. A little wit goes a long way and makes your brand sound more personable. Surprise your audience and give them food for thought.

Of course, you also need to ensure they know how you’re going to make their lives better.

Check how many times your sentences begin with “I” or “We’ and try to turn it around to make everything about who you’re actually talking to. Oh - and use the word “you” more than you mention your business or product name.

Act natural

Potentially the most important point in this post. You’ve absolutely got to speak the language of your readers.

Write in a way that shows that you’re a real, bonafide person. Use this chance to make people feel like you’re there to give them expertise and offer them value.

Not only does this draw people in, but it also helps them to trust and like your brand.

Final Thoughts

Your copywriting doesn’t need to be dramatic, but it does need to be vibrant and compelling to get the attention of your readers. Be unexpected!

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