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What To Do When Your Content Bank Is Drier Than an Unbuttered Crisp Sandwich

You’ve vowed that this will be the week that you start sending regular newsletters. Will you send one a week? No, no - too much. Two a month? Hmm, even that seems like a big commitment. How will you even fill a whole newsletter when you feel like you’ve got nothing to say?

If you don’t have anything interesting or helpful to write, don’t try to force the words. Try this instead…

Throughout the week, create a stash of blog posts, articles and other snippets that you’ve found really engaging. Make sure that they’re relevant to what you want to be known for - readers will be confused if you start talking about how to grow cress with a sheet of kitchen roll if your niche is PC game development.

Sharing useful tidbits will keep your content marketing fresh as well as showing off your credibility.

This works for social media posts, too!

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