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How To Make Your Brand Iconic

I’ve said it before, but for those of you at the back - copywriting is a massive part of a company’s brand strategy and being consistent with messaging across all marketing efforts is essential.

A consistent brand experience (your ad, website, emails, after-sales process, etc) will build your credibility with customers, which will drastically enhance your customer lifetime value. And who doesn’t want that?

The experience a customer has with your brand has a major influence on the chance of them buying from you again. So if you’re a business that relies on repeat customers and you’re not in hot pursuit of branding consistency, there could be a storm a-brewin’.

Once you’ve nailed this, any extra special efforts you make to give them a personal and notable experience will help morph your customers into something even more powerful…


And the best part? They will promote and rave about your brand for free, longtime!

Take this and mix it with some amazing copywriting and you’re on the road to being an iconic brand!

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