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Getting Your Brand Voice Right

Words. Tone. Rhythm.

These are the 3 key elements of figuring out what the heck your brand voice sounds like. Working out your style will make sure your copy hits the mark each time and puts your personality on every page. Your copy needs to sound like it came from you. No confusion.

You want them to say: “That sounds like [your business name].”


This is all about the language.

Do you use slang? Specific industry terms? How about words you DON’T use?


Tone is how your character comes through and shows emotion.

Are you upbeat, calm, funny, dry? Possibly a combination?


AKA cadence.

Is your writing choppy and punchy? Maybe it’s more long and flowy and grabs you by the imagination brush to paint a gloriously vivid picture.

Nail these 3 things and you’ve got yourself the foundation of your brand voice.

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