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Personality-Driven Copy: What of It?

Personality-driven copy connects your customers to you because it makes them feel like there’s a real person behind the brand. Using things like inside jokes and particular language really helps build that relationship. Crafting entertaining copy that makes someone feel something sells your stuff, without you actually hard-selling it. It makes you way more credible and trustworthy, too.

Your personality makes you memorable and grabs attention. Boring, lifeless copy just doesn’t cut it, I’m afraid - it’s a sure-fire way to be forgotten. It’s even more important to cut through the noise and stand out when your audience is consistently torpedoed with heaps of other marketing material. Text that’s enjoyable to read is a really effective way of swerving a potential snoozefest.

Showing off your character also helps repel the people that aren’t right for your brand. You know the ones…

The way you talk will let them figure out your mannerisms, traits and beliefs just don’t fit what they’re looking for. That’s cool, no hard feelings.

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